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Affordable and easy to use document management solutions



Infeauxnet is a comprehensive records and document management system that uses proven technologies to secure, organize, and manage information so it's available to those who need it - when they need it.

We developed this software to provide corporate enterprise solutions for companies that are looking for affordable, integrated records management and document imaging solutions. From simple location and status tracking, to full-service workflow and electronic document management systems, Infeauxnet offers a broad array of solutions and features that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each organization.

Whether you want to convert a legacy system, tie in to existing corporate databases and applications, or begin a day forwarding transition, Infeaxnet is powerful and flexible enough to meet the needs of a single department or an entire organization. 



A scalable feature with flexible criteria for classification that allows you to organize your records for simplified management, indexing offers:

  • Customizable fields/indexes

  • Compatibility for multiple offices, departments and record types

  • Customizable task-oriented screens

  • User-friendly interface and navigation

  • Flexible search capabilities

  • Audit transactions

  • Data importing/exporting

  • Global editing capabilities


Detailed document tracking for quick retrieval, review, printing, submission, storage and destruction, tracking and management offers:

  • Portable or stationary barcode support

  • Onsite and offsite location tracking

  • Status and deficiency tracking

  • Workflow management

  • Retention and destruction management

  • Offline transaction management

  • Audit trail & item history

  • Restricted access


Allowing for the retrieval of records stored at multiple locations, in both onsite and offsite storage, requesting offers:​

  • Online search and request features

  • Onsite and offsite request management

  • On demand document imaging

  • Missing records and exception notifications

  • Email integration 


Detailed and customized to help you stay organized and meet the specific needs of your business, reporting and label printing offers:​

  • Operator productivity reports

  • Quality control reports

  • Record inventory reports

  • Destruction approval

  • Pick-up & Delivery tickets

  • Reproduction request tickets

  • Thermal and color coded labels

  • Ad Hoc reports


Reducing paper storage and increasing productivity by allowing multiple users simutaneous and remote access, document imaging offers:​

  • Advanced document capture and reporting

  • Comparability with PDF and TIFF formats

  • Annotation support

  • Disaster prevention

  • Reduced or eliminated misfiles

Documents are indispensable to the efficient and economic operation of a business.  When created, maintained, and disposed of in a haphazard and disorderly manner, they reduce the effectiveness of an organization and substantially increase costs and liability.


AFS Software solutions has a variety of affordable and easy to use document management and document imaging applications that are tailored to each client’s specific needs regardless of their size or industry.  


Our solutions help save space, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements and can be integrated with existing in-house systems.

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